INCIDENT 81/2020 – Nov. 29th Sun. 15.42 – Blea Moor / Ribblehead area, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

As members were back at Clapham, cleaning the Whernside mud from equipment, a further call was received. A member of a family party (f, 13) was reported to have separated from her parents on Blea Moor at about 14.30. When the parents returned to their car, she was nowhere to be seen, so NYP and CRO personnel were organised to search. As the first CRO team, with a search dog,…

Incident 17/2016 – April 10th Sun. 13:46 – Runscar Cave, Ribblehead, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue

A young caver, (f,12) became physically stuck as she exited Runscar 4. The team were called after her group, despite numerous attempts, failed to extricate her. After team members arrived, they were able to manipulate the caver and effect her release, uninjured. Volunteer hours:17 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon