INCIDENT 44/2020 – Aug.1st Sat. 17.51hrs – Malham Cove – Mountain Incident

Male 12 yr old, fallen and twisted his knee on the steps to the side of Malham Cove, couldn’t bend or straighten it, the team splinted and stretchered him to a waiting CRO vehicle and transported him down into Malham, where the young lad was transferred to the family vehicle for onward transport to hospital   Volunteer hours 20 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 42/2020 – Jul. 30th. Thu. 18.01hrs – Trow Gill, Clapham – Mountain Incident

A walker (f) was reported to have fallen and broken her ankle in Trow Gill. It was not possible to confirm the exact location as the call went first via Ingleborough Cave (which was closed, at the time) and the grid reference given was to the East of Barnard Castle. Team members were called out and a CRO Land Rover sent to reconnoitre. As the driver reached the gate at…

INCIDENT 41/2020 – Jul. 30th. Thu. 14.40hrs – Near top of Malham Cove – Mountain Incident

A visitor (m, 71) was taken ill at the top of the steps to the top of Malham Cove. As team members and local YAS paramedics arrived, other YAS paramedics were helping him into their air ambulance, for the flight to hospital. The Cove top was extremely busy with visitors so, before standing down, team members cleared an area around the aircraft for its safe departure to hospital. Volunteer hours: …

INCIDENT 40/2020 – Jul. 29th. Wed. 10.07hrs – Pen y ghent – path from Brackenbottom – Mountain Incident

A Three Peaks walker (m, 56) collapsed on the path to Pen y ghent, above Brackenbottom Scar. Although he seemed still to be confused, three other walkers – all nurses – abandoned their own walk and assisted him back down to the road and handed him over to YAS paramedics, waiting in a road ambulance. Team members were stood down. Volunteer hours:  5 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon