What we do

The CRO was originally formed in 1935 and has grown and developed over the years into the efficient organisation that it is today. By the year 2000 the CRO had attended 1756 incidents, including 605 cave and mine, 569 mountain and fell, 73 climbing, and 354 animal rescues (233 of which were from caves and potholes). During this period, 2654 people aged between 5 months and 87 years were given assistance. Our headquarters, “The Depot”, is in the Dales village of Clapham


The CRO today The Cave Rescue Organisation currently has over 80 volunteer rescuers, comprising of an operational team of 52 with a further 36 in a support role. It is called regularly by the authorities to perform mountain and cave rescue duties, and to assist in incidents of a public service nature (such as searches for missing persons).