Guidelines for Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walkers and Organisers

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has agreed a new Code of Conduct for walkers undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, with advice for walkers and event organisers. As the team who respond to the many calls we receive from participants on the Y3P, we strongly urge all event organisers to make sure that they pass the information on the first page to those taking part in their event, and…

INCIDENT 36/2020 – Jul. 15th. Wed. 12.41hrs – Foot of Malham Cove, Malham – Mountain Incident

A walker (f, 59) slipped on wet limestone, at the edge of Malham Beck, at the foot of the Cove, sustaining a suspected mid-shaft fracture of her left femur. YAS paramedics administered pain relief, then immobilised the limb and CRO members stretchered her to a waiting air ambulance. After de-contaminating the equipment, members stood down. Volunteer hours: 35   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 35/2020 – Jul. 12th. Sun. 20.25hrs – New Close Knotts (Gordale), Malham – Mountain Incident

A visitor (m) was reported to be ‘fallen and injured at top of waterfall at Malham Tarn’. It was further reported that he had gone for a walk on his own and was missing for a couple of hours before family members found him. There was no reply to a telephone call, text or PhoneFind message, but it was suspected that this was one of the waterfalls at Gordale Scar.…

INCIDENT 34/2020 – Jul. 12th. Sun. 12.31hrs – Near the head of Watlowes (Dry Valley), Malham – Mountain Incident

A walker (m) was reported to have fallen, sustaining a suspected head injury, in the Watlowes (‘Dry Valley’), above Malham Cove. The YAS paramedics on the air ambulance, arriving first, assessed the patient and began walking him up the steps at the head of the valley, handing him over to CRO members who walked him gently up to the YAS road ambulance, waiting at Langscar Gate. Volunteer hours: 20  …

Alert only – Jul. 11th. Sat. 16.47hrs – Chapel le Dale – Alert No. 3 of 2020

YAS put CRO on stand-by, after receiving a report that a Three Peaks walker (m, 28) had fallen and sustained a broken ankle. The location given was described as ‘500 metres from the Hill Inn’, but as it turned out, this was on Philpin Lane (i.e. on tarmac) and not on the bridleway towards Ingleborough. No action required. Volunteer hours: 1   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon