New Guidelines issued for Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walkers and Organisers

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has agreed a new Code of Conduct for walkers undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, with advice for walkers and event organisers. As the team who respond to the many calls we receive from participants on the Y3P, we strongly urge all event organisers to make sure that they pass the information on the first page to those taking part in their event, and…

cave and mountain rescue in the yorkshire dales

Resources for Children

The CRO web-site now has some small contributions to keeping your children occupied, while you are locked down/up/in with them, against everyone’s will.😁 Fun cartoons, colouring page, maze, quiz and crossword are all there. if you have similar activities about safety in the outdoors, and you would like to share them, feel free to send them to You’ll find the resources at TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 16/2020 – Mar. 17th. Tue. 12.57hrs – Mealbank Quarry, Ingleton, Animal Incident

A farmer contacted the team, concerned for a pregnant ewe that had been stuck on a ledge on the quarry face since sunday. A small team responded, and were able to (eventually) bring the ewe back up to the field on top of the quarry. Being pregnant, team members weren’t able to be quite as ‘robust’ as we usually are when carrying out animal rescues. Definitely not ‘Much adewe about…

INCIDENT 15/2020 – Mar. 7th. Sat. 15.54hrs – Brow Gill Cave, Horton in Ribblesdale – Cave Incident

A caver (m, 21) was reported to have dislocated a shoulder, above the climb in Brow Gill Cave. His companions had attempted to persuade / assist him to descend the climb, but the dislocation was such that this was not possible, so they called for help. Team members immobilised the injured part and offered pain relief, then lowered him off and assisted him out of the cave and to a…

INCIDENT 14/2020 – Mar. 5th. Thu. 18.55hrs – Ingleborough – Local Incident

North Yorkshire Police received independent reports of flares seen over the summit of Ingleborough. Although such reports have not resulted in an actual rescue for a very long time, team members undertook a search of the summit of Ingleborough and approaches. No-one was found, nor were any further emergency calls received. Eventually, the team stood down. Conjecture suggests that it was an unknown helicopter. Volunteer hours: 19 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon