Incident 35/2018 – Jun. 4th Mon 05.32 Lost John’s System, Leck, Lancashire – Cave Rescue

Two cavers were reported to be more than five hours overdue from a through trip between Lost John’s and Notts 2, which they had estimated would take four hours (20.00 Sunday to 00.00 Monday). CRO members began searching in the two pots referred to, being joined by people on CRO’s ‘cavers’ list* and members of UWFRA to investigate other holes on that part of Leck Fell. Eventually, the ‘mispers’ were…

Incident 33/2018 – Jun 2nd Sat. 09.36 Yordas Cave and area, Thornton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire – Local Incident.

North Yorkshire Police asked for CRO’s assistance by searching Yordas Cave and immediate area for a person (m, 50) reported to be missing from home and ‘at risk’. No-one was found, nor was there any evidence that he had been there. Volunteer hours: 7   TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 10/2018 – Mar. 11th Sun. 04.25 Providence Pot, Kettlewell, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue

Five cavers (f, 18 – m,25) were reported overdue in Providence Pot, at 21.29 on Saturday. The afternoon’s rain had melted snow, causing a rapid rise in stream levels. Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association attended and began a search of the Dow – Providence system, later asking CRO to ‘stand by’ and report availability of caving members. At 04.25 on Sunday, UWFRA asked CRO to assist in the search. Four…

Incident 71/2017 – Sep. 12th Tue. 11.32 – White Scar Cave, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue.

A visitor (m,65) collapsed with chest pains, just over half-way along the show cave. After monitoring and treatment by paramedics from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and North West Air Ambulance, he was packaged by CRO members, then carried, by stretcher to the road ambulance outside. As CRO members stood down, the paramedics were checking him again, to determine which ambulance would take him to hospital. Volunteer hours: 17 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon