INCIDENT 65/2018 – Nov. 20th Tue. 12.48hrs – Mealbank Quarry, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A sheep was reported to be stranded on a ledge about 30m up on the quarry face and may have been there for two days. A team member abseiled down to its level, but the combination of criss-crossing, vegetated ledges and a rather lively young ewe made catching up with it, let alone wrestling it into a canvas bag, somewhat problematic. The member on the quarry face drew back, as…

INCIDENT 62/2018 – Oct. 25th Thu. 15.45hrs – Whit-a-Green, Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

Natural England reported a ewe stranded in an un-named cave entrance whose stream runs into the Alum Pot system. In the evening, four CRO members went up and wrestled the sheep out, taking care not to drive it further in and into the stream-way. Volunteer hours: 8   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 43/2018 – Jul. 13th Fri 21.30 Stock Pot(?), Ingleborough Common, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A sheep was reported to be stranded, about 5m down, in a pot somewhere above High Leys, on Ingleborough. The farmer who reported it offered a guide, to locate it, if CRO would rescue it the following morning.  Three members, In a CRO Land Rover, followed their guide up to the Gritstone Pot area, then explored on foot, before finding a lamb in a lesser-known pot-hole, near Gritstone Pot (overlooking…

Incident 28/2018 – May 27th Sun. 09.35 Cross Pot, New Houses, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A group undertaking navigation training heard a lamb calling from within Cross Pot, near Horton in Ribblesdale. A small team attended the site, and discovered a lamb stuck on a ledge within the pot. The lamb was brought to the surface, and because it was very weak, was returned directly to the farm, rather than released onto the fell. Volunteer hours: 7.5 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon