Incident 28/2018 – May 27th Sun. 09.35 Cross Pot, New Houses, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A group undertaking navigation training heard a lamb calling from within Cross Pot, near Horton in Ribblesdale. A small team attended the site, and discovered a lamb stuck on a ledge within the pot. The lamb was brought to the surface, and because it was very weak, was returned directly to the farm, rather than released onto the fell. Volunteer hours: 7.5 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 40/2016 – Jun 7th Mon. 17.55 – Dike Green, Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

The team were contacted by a farmer who had a lamb trapped in a small culvert, and was unable to extricate it. A small party of team members was dispatched to attempt the recovery. The lamb was stuck in a 15″ diameter disused culvert, where it had gone to seek some shade, and then got stuck, moving deeper underground, as it was unable to turn around. Attempts to hook the…