fast water recues

INCIDENT 83/2019 – Sep 28th. Sat. 14.36hrs – Near Pecca Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Water Incident

Following a number of 999 calls, reporting ‘a body in the river’, just below Pecca Falls, personnel from CRO (including the Swiftwater Team), North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Air Ambulance all headed in that direction, only to find that the body was that of a sheep, washed down by the overnight and early morning rain.  All were stood down. Volunteer hours:…

fast water recues

INCIDENT 70/2019 – Aug 11th. Sun 07.05hrs – River Kent, near Sedgwick, Cumbria – Water Incident

Following a report of someone in the River Kent, near Sedgwick, five members of CRO’s swiftwater rescue team and the Duty Controller went to assist Kendal MRT (as did corresponding members of Duddon and Furness MRT) in supporting the statutory emergency services’ investigation. As the investigation proceeded, it became clear that the MR presence was no longer required and the teams were stood down. Volunteer Hours: 27

INCIDENT 62/2019 – July 31st. Wed. 12.53hrs – Below Pecca Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A family’s 5-year old German Shepherd went just off the path, slipped down the slope, then plunged into the river, just below Pecca Falls. It was last seen just above Pecca Bridge.  CRO was called via North Yorkshire Police and team members attended, to search for the dog. Three of them, wearing dry-suits and with swift-water rescue kit, abseiled in to the gorge and searched the pools, as best they…

Incident 1/2017 – Jan. 1st Sun. 15.20 – River Doe, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – River Rescue.

The team were called by the Ambulance Service and Police after multiple calls were received to a person (m,40) fallen into the River Doe on the Ingleton Waterfalls walk, possibly above Snow Falls. On arrival at the scene, the casualty had already been pulled from the river above Storrs Common by a passer by, and ambulance and air ambulance paramedics were rapidly on scene. The casualty was suffering from multiple…