INCIDENT 78/2020 – Nov. 17th Tue. 16.24 – Southerscales Fell, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

A walker (f, ) slipped on the steep (temporary diversion) path on the Chapel-le-Dale side of Ingleborough, sometime after 15.00 hrs. As neither the injured person nor her father could get a signal on their mobile phones, a passer-by called 999 and asked the police for mountain rescue. Unknown to the CRO duty controller, the call went to a neighbouring police force and was passed to NYP, who interpreted the…

INCIDENT 66/2020 – Sep. 26th Sat. 15.22hrs – Gordale – Mountain Incident

A walker (f 37) jumped over a low stone wall and sustained an ankle injury. Her ankle was splinted by CRO team members before she was carried in a stretcher to a CRO Land Rover. She was transported to Malham village and handed into the care of Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Volunteer hours: 42 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 65/2020 – Sep. 19th Sat. 21.04 hrs – Ingleborough – Mountain Incident

A walker made a 999 call to North Yorkshire Police, saying that her companion had fallen and was injured, while they (f, f) were walking the Three Peaks. Before any more information could be passed, the call ceased and the NYP Force Control Room was unable to re-connect. All that was known was the phone network and the network’s approximation of the caller’s location – Simon Fell Breast, on the…

INCIDENT 44/2020 – Aug.1st Sat. 17.51hrs – Malham Cove – Mountain Incident

Male 12 yr old, fallen and twisted his knee on the steps to the side of Malham Cove, couldn’t bend or straighten it, the team splinted and stretchered him to a waiting CRO vehicle and transported him down into Malham, where the young lad was transferred to the family vehicle for onward transport to hospital   Volunteer hours 20 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon