INCIDENT 17/2021 – May 15th Sat. 13.12 – Path across the head of The Allotment, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. – Mountain Incident

A walker (f, 58) fell on the path from Simon Fell Breast to Sulber Nick, on Ingleborough, sustaining a deep gash just below her knee-cap. The call was originally sent to Swaledale MRT, but they transferred the call to CRO as soon as the location was clarified.  The team’ s Honda Pioneer was driven from near Clapham almost to the patient, while two Land Rovers, with more members, went via…

Warning — ‘Wretched Rabbit’, Easegill

CRO is not in the habit of issuing site-specific ‘health and safety’ warnings, however, Wretched Rabbit is  very popular, so cavers who have not seen the warning on or discovered a notice at Bull Pot Farm, please be advised that the entrance to Wretched Rabbit is reported to be partially blocked by a boulder, with ‘two huge blocks that look ready to drop’. TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon