Alert only – Dec. 15th. Sun. 14.06hrs – Lythe Fell Road, Lowgill, Lancashire – Alert No. 15 of 2019

A patient (f), driving herself to hospital for essential medical treatment, became stuck in snow, on a very remote, moorland road. Lancashire Constabulary’s Force Incident Manager alerted CRO, but when the duty controller rang in, the FIM advised that a local farmer had arrived on scene and had been able to set the driver on her way. CRO not needed. Volunteer mins: 5   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Alert only – Sep. 13th Fri. 18.49hrs – Jean Pot, Gaping Gill, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Three cavers were reported overdue from a trip down Jean Pot, Gaping Gill. When CRO’s Duty Controller contacted the informant to get more information, he was told that one of the cavers had just returned to Clapham village and had reported that he and his companions were all out of the cave and safe. No action was required by CRO. TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Alert only – Sep. 8th Sun. 22.45hrs – Three Peaks area, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Three walkers (f, f, f) were reported overdue on the Three Peaks Walk, possibly on Ingleborough. With no instructions on what to do and the only phone they knew about going to voicemail, relatives did an internet search and found a commercial walking guide. After some discussion, he advised calling NYP for help.  With the only hard evidence being a social media post from the top of Whernside, saying that…