INCIDENT 9/2020 – Feb. 14th. Fri. 00.37hrs – Ease Gill system, Casterton, Cumbria – Cave Incident

Concern was expressed for four cavers, overdue between Lancaster Hole and Wretched Rabbit, in the Ease Gill system. However, realising that there was a risk of causing an un-necessary call-out, the cavers split up at Stop Pot, with the faster two hurrying back to Bull Pot Farm. Unfortunately, they missed their way and were late back. When contacted by a CRO controller, the two at Bull Pot Farm reported the…

Incident 13/2018 – Mar. 24th Sat. 22.15 Wretched Rabbit / County Pot, Casterton, Cumbria – Cave Rescue

Two cavers (f, f) were reported to be three hours overdue in Wretched Rabbit, Easegill.  Having alerted CRO, other cavers, staying at Bull Pot Farm, went to investigate and found that the two were still underground, unharmed, but moving very slowly. A small group of CRO members waited to make sure that all were safely back at Bull Pot Farm. Volunteer hours:  6   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon