INCIDENT 91/2019 – Oct. 31st. Thu. 14.38hrs – Ingleton Waterfalls Trail – Mountain Incident

A visitor (m, ca.35?) was reported to have such abdominal pain, ’20 minutes into the walk’, that he was unable to continue. When the first team member arrived at the casualty site, YAS personnel were just beginning to walk the patient back to the car park. CRO stood down. Volunteer hours  14   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

INCIDENT 90/2019 – Oct. 30th. Wed. 18.27hrs – Near Gaping Gill – Mountain Incident

Two Three Peaks walkers (m,57; m,53 ) became lost and benighted at Gaping Gill (the sign said so). They phoned home and a family member phoned NYP. A team Land Rover was driven to the bottom of Trow Gill and two members jogged up to GG, collected the mispers, then guided them back to the vehicle. They were returned to their own car, parked in Horton in Ribblesdale. Volunteer hours …

INCIDENT 89/2019 – Oct. 27th. Sun. 20.35hrs – Ingleborough summit – Mountain Incident

Two Three Peaks walkers (f, 24; f, 22) reported themselves benighted and unable to find the way down from Ingleborough’s summit shelter. They had begun the walk at 08.00, overlooking the effects of the clock change on daylight. One team member ran up to the summit from Newby Cote and met the pair, while team vehicles took others up to Crina Bottom. The pair were guided down to the vehicles,…

INCIDENT 88/2019 – Oct. 22nd. Tue. 17.51hrs – Barbon Low Fell, Barbon, Cumbria – Mountain Incident

NWAS asked for assistance in finding someone (f, 62) believed to be at risk, having walked on to Barbon Low Fell. The missing person was found very easily, assessed by a paramedic team member, then accompanied down to the road-head. She was kept warm until she could be handed over to NWAS paramedics and the team stood down Volunteer hours  43   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon