Incident 41/2018 – Jun. 16th Sat 19.11 Heron Pot, Thornton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue

Four cavers had left a note at their caving hostel, giving a call-out time of 19.00, before going to Heron Pot. Although not unduly concerned, the duty controller asked a colleague from Ingleton to investigate. At just after 20.00, he found them emerging from the cave, after they had lost track of time. Volunteer hours 2   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Team Condemns Theft of Rescue Equipment

Following reports received over the weekend, CRO members went to check on a ‘highline’ traverse which the team has rigged in Kingsdale Master Cave, in preparation for any possible incident during the upcoming European Speleological Congress (EuroSpeleo 2016). The high line traverse enables safe access and exit in the event of a major flooding event in the Kingsdale system. Upon inspection, it was found that a substantial section of the…