Incident 7/2018 – Feb. 22nd Thu. 11.07 Hunterstye, Crummackdale, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (m,71) fell descending the steep hill from Moughton, and sustained serious injuries to his face and head. The Yorkshire air ambulance was able to drop paramedics nearby, but then had to land at the bottom of the hill due to a lack of suitable landing places near the casualty. When team members arrived on scene, they assisted the paramedics in packaging the casualty in a team stretcher, and…

Incident 78/2016 – Sep. 16th Fri. 15.45 – Hard Rigg, Scales Moor, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A walker (f) slipped and fell whilst walking along the bridleway over Scales Moor, to the south of Whernside. She had tried to brace against her fall by stretching out her arm, causing a suspected fracture and dislocation. CRO members assisted Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedics with transport to the scene and helped with the treatment of the casualty and then her transfer to an air ambulance. Volunteer Hours: 35