Incident 45/2018 – Jul. 14th Sat 15.06 ‘Brothers Wall’, Crummackdale, Austwick, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A climber (m, 48) was reported to have fallen, sustaining a dislocation fracture of one wrist, in Crummackdale. After initial confusion, when the grid reference provided by the ambulance service indicated the head of Crummackdale, but the Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed below the scar above Wharfe, the correct location was identified. After air ambulance paramedics had splinted the rather deformed wrist, CRO members sledged and carried the patient, by stretcher, down to a team vehicle.  This was driven down and along to Crummack Lane, where he was transferred to a road ambulance for the journey to hospital.

Volunteer hours 40

Postscript:   Since the incident concluded, the ‘patient’ has sent his thanks (and a donation). He has also consented to our showing the link to YouTube, as below.

I ended up in Lancaster Hospital where right wrist was straightened out. It needs further surgery. Now at home awaiting follow-up surgery at my local hospital. Right radius and ulna both fractured and ligament torn between the two. Left hand first metacarpal also fractured so left hand splinted whilst right arm in plaster. However, I definitely got off lightly compared to what might have been.
My climbing partner was videoing my lead of the route via a GoPro so he has put a little film together of the fall and the subsequent rescue. If any team members want a look, it can be found here: