INCIDENT 59/2018 – Sep. 27th Thu. 11.04hrs – Gordale Beck, North of Mastiles Lane, Malham Moor, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A diabetic student (m,17), on a field visit, collapsed, falling face-down in the beck. He was recovered by companions, then regained consciousness. Yorkshire Ambulance Service first requested CRO’s help in locating him, via PhoneFind, but this did not work (Perhaps the original call roamed to a different network?). A second caller gave a grid reference which, though 900m out, was at least near Mastiles Lane. YAS road ambulance and first responder, YAA and CRO all attended and after attention from the paramedics, the student was driven by team vehicle to the YAS ambulance, parked at the roadside.

Volunteer hours: 21