The team’s assistance was requested by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to a visitor (M, 62) at Malham Cove who had been taken unwell after scaling the steps to the top of the cove. Team members arrived with YAS paramedics and attended to the man who, once recovered sufficiently, was able to walk with assistance back down the steps to a waiting team vehicle. He was transferred to the care of…

INCIDENT 23/2019 – Apr. 20th. Sat. 1520hrs – Near Manor Bridge, Waterfalls Trail, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

Just as the team were completing Incident 22, they were informed by the attending Ambulance crew that they had been diverted to a more serious incident elsewhere on the trail, and requested our assistance. A visitor (35, f) had collapsed with a serious medical condition whilst walking the waterfalls trail. Casualty care by was provided YAS and NWAA paramedics (who were also initially called for the previous call). After being…

INCIDENT 21/2019 – Apr. 20th. Sat. 11.14hrs – White Scar Show Cave, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue

An visitor (82, f) lost consciousness whilst going the through lower cave section past the steps. Paramedics from Yorkshire Ambulance Service entered the cave to commence casualty care. Team members then stretchered the casualty to the YAS ambulance at the cave entrance. Volunteer hours:30

Incident 16/2016 – April 3rd Sun. 15:07 – Malham Cove, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a visitor (m,66) suffering chest pains at the base of the cove. On arrival, the air ambulance and road crew were in attendance. Team members carried the casualty on a stretcher to the air ambulance, which then conveyed the casualty to the National Park car park, where team members again transferred the casualty to the road ambulance. Volunteer hours: 20