Incident 08/2016 – February 20th Sat. 14.42. – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f, 57) walking from Ingleborough to Park Fell, in low cloud and strong winds, lost her map and called for help. She was able to give a grid reference, from her mobile phone, but was otherwise ‘lost’. A small group of CRO members walked up to her and guided her to safety. Volunteer hours: 10 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 07/2016 – February 19th Fri. 15.47. – Whernside, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two walkers undertaking the 3 peaks walk reported themselves in difficulty and frightened near the summit of Whernside (the second peak).  Conditions on the day included some snow showers and heavy rain. Following a discussion with them on their mobile phone and the use of SARLOC to obtain a GPS location for them, a Land Rover and team members were dispatched to collect the pair. Volunteer hours: 15   TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 06/2016 – February 7th Sun. 18.43. – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two Three Peaks walkers (m,26 m,25), having walked up past CRO members as they were treating the patient in the previous incident, continued to the summit, where they were overwhelmed by a blizzard. After their 999 call had been received, it was not possible to contact them to clarify their position. Once the previous patient was safely in the Land Rover, four CRO members returned up the hill and searched…

Incident 05/2016 – February 7th Sun. 16.24. – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f,65) was reported to have slipped and broken an ankle ‘three-quarters of the way up Ingleborough, from Chapel le dale’ (She had actually just descended the steep path, down to Humphrey Bottom.) She was soon located, given pain-relief, splintage and a heated waistcoat, before being evacuated by stretcher in what was developing into a blizzard. She was then taken by CRO Land Rover to the road-head, for transfer…