INCIDENT 35/2020 – Jul. 12th. Sun. 20.25hrs – New Close Knotts (Gordale), Malham – Mountain Incident

A visitor (m) was reported to be ‘fallen and injured at top of waterfall at Malham Tarn’. It was further reported that he had gone for a walk on his own and was missing for a couple of hours before family members found him. There was no reply to a telephone call, text or PhoneFind message, but it was suspected that this was one of the waterfalls at Gordale Scar. After team members had made a quick check at Janet’s Foss, they saw figures on the sky-line of New Close Knotts (above the limestone scars that run in towards the western side of Gordale Scar). These were some of the casualty’s companions. Team vehicles moved closer, then members scrambled up the steep slope, with the necessary equipment. After inspecting the foot which had been injured when a rock rolled onto it, members applied a splint, then lowered the casualty on a stretcher and carried him to a team vehicle. He was driven to Malham car park to be transferred to a family car. After de-contaminating equipment, members stood down.

Volunteer hours: 43