INCIDENT 37/2020 – Jul. 20th. Mon. 14.03hrs – Path across Simon Fell Breast, Ingleborough – Mountain Incident

A walker (f, 75)  was reported to have fallen, twisting her ankle and hitting her head while on the path from Ingleborough towards Horton in Ribblesdale. She was then too dizzy to stand or continue walking. While several team members took CRO Land Rovers to Nick Pot (at the top of Sulber Nick) with equipment, two others were able to take the new, lightweight Honda Pioneer all the way to the injured walker, but by a different route. After the injury had been assessed and immobilised, the casualty was helped into the Pioneer and driven back to Clapham, with members walking behind, ready to carry her on a stretcher, if the vehicle ride proved painful. Meanwhile, the other members of her family were walked to a CRO Land Rover, then driven to their own car, in Clapham. Once re-united the family group took the injured walker to hospital in their own transport.

Volunteer hours: 30