Incident 50/2017 – July 19th Wed. 15.52 – Malham Cove, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A walker (f, 35) crossed the beck at the foot of the Cove and began ascending the climbers’ route up to the East Wing, believing it to be the path to the top. Two thirds of the way up, she felt unable to continue or to retreat, so rang for help. Two CRO members attended, locating the walker and one of them ascended to escort her off, to the side…

North of Malham Tarn, Malham Moor, North Yorkshire Jul. 1st 20.40 – Alert only

A D of E group was reported to be ‘lost’, with one member of the party (f) having a leg injury. Their own supervisor somehow ascertained their position (within 200m of the road?) and CRO prepared to respond. However the group’s shouts for help were heard by other people who offered to take them to Malham Tarn Field Centre. Volunteer hours: Minimal TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon