Incident 28/2016 – May 7th Sat. 17.43 – Whernside, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two Three Peaks walkers (both f,16) were reported missing, having turned round near the summit of Whernside, five hours earlier, intending to return to Ribblehead. Their organiser had issued them with a 1:70,500 ‘overview’ map downloaded from the internet (“They cannot read a map.”), one was asthmatic and they had left a rucksac and an inhaler in the organiser’s car. As CRO members were deploying to backtrack from Ribblehead to…

Incident 27/2016 – May 6th Fri. 09.11 – Ribblehead area, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Assist North Yorkshire Police in search for person missing from home (f, 27) and known to be at serious risk. Found, unharmed, on the embankment at the North end of the viaduct, by a Police dog and handler, as CRO members and SARDA dog searched adjacent areas. A Police helicopter had also been involved in the search. Volunteer hours: 32 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 26/2016 – May 2nd Mon. 14.30 – Malham Cove, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Called to assist Yorkshire Ambulance service when a walker with a history of high blood pressure (f, 73) was reported to be feeling faint, on the steps to the top of Malham Cove. The road ambulance crew walked her down to their vehicle and CRO members stood down. Volunteer hours: 16.5 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 25/2016 – April 30th Sat. 13.15 – Whernside, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Two competitors in the annual Three Peaks Race were in difficulty in bitterly cold conditions, at the summit of Whernside, one with apparent hypothermia, the other with a loss of sensation in the left leg. The marshall called for CRO assistance and a team met the cold runner, who was already descending. The other runner made his own way down to Chapel-le-dale and both then retired from the race. Volunteer…