INCIDENT 101/2019 – Dec. 19th. Thu. 00.06hrs – The Gaping Gill System, Clapham – Cave Incident

A group of nine cavers went in to Gaping Gill by various routes, meeting up in the Main Chamber.  After all the others were out safely, via Bar Pot, two (m, 22; m, 22) were reported overdue. They had tried to exit via Corky’s Pot, but realised that water levels had risen, so retreated to Bar Pot, which had been de-rigged. One CRO team set off into Corky’s Pot, but encountered an excess of water (rain on snow melt!) and retreated. Another went in to Bar Pot, very soon came across the missing pair and accompanied them to the surface, for transport back to Clapham in a team Land Rover. In the belief that CRO would not have enough cavers available for an extended search, the Duty Controller had called neighbouring Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association. Their cavers arrived at CRO Base, just as the mispers were found.
This incident saw the first (and very effective) use, ‘in anger’, of the new ‘CRO 4’ – Honda Pioneer (sit-in ATV). This carried a comms team and all the necessary caving equipment up to Bar Pot, so that the rescue cavers were able to walk up from the Land Rover at Trow Gill, without carrying heavy equipment.
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