ALERT Only – Jan. 18th Mon. 07.45 – North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum – flood warning – Alert No. 1 of 2021

Along with representatives of all the other MRTs operating across the County, CRO’s ‘Silver’ reps were alerted to a flooding forecast (‘Storm Christoph’) through the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum. They put the Organisation’s Swift-water Rescue Team on stand-by and kept the situation under review from Monday through to Thursday afternoon, when the risk was perceived to have subsided and the team could stand down. We are extremely grateful to…

Alert only – Feb. 15th. Sat. 11.25hrs – Craven District – Alert No. 2 of 2020

With heavy rain and widespread flooding anticipated, rescue teams across North Yorkshire were asked, on Friday evening, to say what swift-water rescue resources they would have available. On Saturday morning, CRO and UWFRA sent representatives to the ‘Craven Bronze Hub’ in Skipton, to help co-ordinate emergency service responses. In the event, there was little significant flooding in Craven and the ‘hub’ closed down at 19.46 hrs. Volunteer hours: 17  

Alert only – Feb. 9th. Sun. 13.25hrs – Pateley Bridge – Alert No. 1 of 2020

Heavy rain, overnight, caused widespread flooding across northern England. With a serious situation seeming to develop in Nidderdale, Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association asked the other North Yorkshire teams what swift-water rescue resources they had available and put them on ‘stand-by’. In the event, the task was covered by the home team and the others stood down. Volunteer hours: 8  

INCIDENT 2/2020 – Jan. 11th. Sat. 21.56hrs – Large Pot – Rift Pot, Thornton in Lonsdale,  – Cave Incident

Four cavers (all m) were reported ‘stuck’ while on an exchange trip (two each way) between Large Pot and Rift Pot, beneath the fell, above Masongill. Although not strictly ‘overdue’ (They had given a ‘call-out time’ of 23.00.), they had gone underground as it began to rain and had been there for almost nine hours – three or four hours (?) longer than they might have expected. With heavy rain…