ALERT only. OCTOBER 19th  THU. 15.35 hrs.  NORTH YORKSHIRE. ALERT No 11 OF 2023.

North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum shared a serious flood alert with all of the county’s SAR teams and held an on-line discussion to plan for any necessary action. Rainfall and water levels were monitored, but the risk appeared to be less than anticipated. The Silver-level alert was cancelled on Saturday. Volunteer hours:   4

ALERT Only – Jan. 18th Mon. 07.45 – North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum – flood warning – Alert No. 1 of 2021

Along with representatives of all the other MRTs operating across the County, CRO’s ‘Silver’ reps were alerted to a flooding forecast (‘Storm Christoph’) through the North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum. They put the Organisation’s Swift-water Rescue Team on stand-by and kept the situation under review from Monday through to Thursday afternoon, when the risk was perceived to have subsided and the team could stand down. We are extremely grateful to…