Incident 86/2017 – Nov 30th Thu. 23.52 – Little Stainforth, North Yorkshire – Local Incident.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service requested the team’s assistance when an ambulance crew responding to an urgent call were unable to access the patient due to poor road conditions. Shortly after team members from the local area were mobilised to assist, the ambulance managed to access the property concerned, and team members were stood down. Volunteer hours: 5

Incident 78/2017 – Oct. 11th Wed. 14.23 – Malham Cove, Malham, North Yorkshire – Local Incident.

North Yorkshire Police asked for assistance in recovering a body from the base of Malham Cove. The deceased was carried across a very fast-flowing beck, then driven down to the village where she was handed over to the undertaker. Meanwhile, a small group of team members went to the top of the Cove to check the edge for any personal possessions or ‘evidence’. FATAL Volunteer hours: 50

Incident 47/2017 – July 15th Sat. 16.10 – Ingleton Playing Fields, North Yorkshire – Local Incident.

Whilst providing first aid cover for the Ingleton Fell Race and Gala day, one of the last runners home (m,44) slipped and sustained a fracture to his right lower leg as he descended the grass slope just before the finish line. The casualty was splinted and given pain relief, pending the arrival of Yorkshire Ambulance Service. In addition, several runners were treated for minor cuts and grazes upon completion of…

Incident 94/2016 – Nov. 26th Sat. 23.11 – Malham Cove, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

North Yorkshire Police requested assistance in recovering a deceased casualty (m,20) from the foot of Malham Cove. He was carried to a team Land Rover for transport down to the village. A small-scale search at the top of the Cove produced his possessions which were handed over to the Police. FATAL Volunteer hours: 42