Incident 17/2018 – Apr. 18th Wed. 13.24 Nr Pecca Falls, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f, 82) was reported to have fainted near Pecca Falls on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail.  CRO members arrived, to find YAS paramedics already on scene. The patient, who was fully conscious, was put into a casualty bag on a lightweight stretcher, then carried to a team vehicle, just above ‘Tom’s Cabin’. She was then driven to the road-head and transferred to a YAS road ambulance.  Volunteer hours: 24   TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 16/2018 – Apr. 17th Tue. 12.00 Whernside, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (m, 87) was reported to have collapsed ‘half-way up Whernside’.  The first CRO members to arrive found him just above the wall at 525m.  An assessment by team casualty carers suggested that he had recovered well, so he was stretchered down to a team vehicle, then driven to the road-head. As a precaution, he was taken for a thorough hospital check-up by YAS road ambulance.  Volunteer hours: 37…

Alert – Apr. 13th Fri. 19.15 Three Peaks area, North Yorkshire – Alert only

An anxious relative reported a group of 10 Three Peaks walkers overdue. As it was a large group, with a guide, the duty controller advised that they be given more time and checked, from time to time,  whether they had returned.  They returned safely, having taken about 14 hours to complete the walk.         Volunteer hours:0.5   TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 15/2018 – Apr. 4th Wed. 21.47 Sulber Area, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

4 Three Peaks walkers (m:23,22,17, f:21) reported themselves lost descending Ingleborough towards Horton, in poor weather conditions (snow and strong winds). A team of 7 members using CRO2 located the walkers near a gate on the track from Sulber Nick to Borrins. Although the group had a map, they had no compass, only 1 small torch between them, and their mobile phones were nearly out of battery. The group were…