Incident 9/2017 – Feb 12th Sun. 11.43 – Pen y ghent, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

In wintery conditions, a walker (f, 42) slipped on ice descending from the summit, and sustained a fracture to her right tibia and fibula. The casualty was attended to by team casualty carers, given pain relief and splinted before being carried on a stretcher to the road, for transfer to a road ambulance for transport to hospital. Volunteer hours:48 The casualty being stretchered off Pen-y-ghent

Incident 93/2016 – Nov. 22nd Tue. 16.02 – Pen-y-ghent, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

The team were called to a walker (f,41) suffering respiratory distress whilst climbing Pen-y-ghent. On arrival, team members found the casualty (with her walking partner) to be in a very distressed state, near the top of the crags at the south of the mountain. The walker and her partner were made safe, and moved to gentler ground near the ridge, and their dog was led down the crag to safety…

Incident 91/2016 – Nov. 19th Sat. 08.34 – Pen-y-ghent, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

The team were called by North Yorkshire police to a walker (f,20) who had suffered a dislocated knee after slipping whilst climbing up the south face of Pen-y-ghent. In full winter conditions, the casualty was assessed, splinted and given pain relief before being carried by stretcher to a team vehicle, which then carried the casualty down to Stainforth village for transfer to a road ambulance, for transport to hospital. Volunteer…

Incident 74/2016 – Sep. 10th Sat. 08.05 – Pen-y-ghent, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 3 peaks walker who had apparently suffered a seizure and unconsciousness whilst ascending Pen-y-ghent. The team responded, and assisted Yorkshire Air Ambulance staff to get the casualty into Helimed 99. The patient was then transferred to a road ambulance at Dale Head. Just as team members were packing up, a further call was received… Volunteer hours: 26