INCIDENT 6/2020 – Jan. 23rd. Thu. 19.12hrs – Black Dub Moss, Horton in Ribblesdale – Mountain Incident

Two Three Peaks walkers (m,30; m,30) reported themselves ‘in a field and completely lost’, as well as ‘surrounded by swamp up to their knees’, between Birkwith and Pen y ghent. The Phonefind app, used by the duty controller, indicated that the missing pair were on the edge of Black Dub Moss. Groups of team members approached from Birkwith and Horton Scar Lane, soon locating the mispers, then guiding them to a team Land Rover at the top of Horton Scar Lane. Cold, but otherwise unharmed, they were driven down to Horton and provided with hot drinks.

Volunteer hours: t.b.c.

Footnote:  The walkers were following the old Three Peaks Walk route, in reverse, seemingly unaware of the historical notoriety of Black Dub Moss (Dub is an old dialect word for a pool – and probably a deep one, at that!) which has sucked off many a boot from unsuspecting walkers, as their comrades dragged them from the nightmare morass. The modern route, over the shoulder of Whitber Hill, is luxury, by comparison. Other walkers, please note!