Incident 67/2016 – Aug. 26th Fri. 22.54 – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

Four adult walkers (m) reported themselves lost on the descent from Ingleborough attempting to reach Horton in Ribblesdale. Whilst speaking to them, their mobile phone ran out of battery, before their exact location could be ascertained. As a search was being organised of the eastern flank of Ingleborough, a further call was received from the Gaping Gill Winchmeet to say that the four walkers had arrived at their location. Whilst…

Aug. 20th Sat. 18.01 – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Alert only.

Whilst Incident 66 was still in progress, another call was received from North Yorkshire Police, reporting a walker doing the three peaks overdue. The reporting person was concerned that the lone walker (f,33) was an hour and a half overdue at Horton in Ribblesdale. Whilst initial enquiries were being made, the walker turned up at Horton in Ribblesdale safe and well. Volunteer hours: 1 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 64/2016 – Aug. 18th Thu. 10.02 – Clapdale, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A caver (f, 54), walking up to Gaping Gill, sustained an ankle injury on the path just beyond Clapdale. Her leg was splinted and she was carried to a CRO Land Rover, then driven down to Clapham for transfer to a road ambulance and the trip to Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Volunteer hours: 11 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 63/2016 – Aug. 17th Wed. 16.12 – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A walker (f, 59) was reported to be ‘collapsed, dizzy, vertigo’ on Ingleborough and both road and air ambulances were en route. CRO’s SARLoc was used to confirm the location (below the Swine Tail) and the patient’s companion was asked about level ground where the the air ambulance might land. CRO members waited at the road-head and then stood down when the air ambulance was seen to be able to…