Incident 18/2016 – April 10th Sun. 15:20 – A65, Newby, North Yorkshire – Local Incident (RTC)

Whilst returning from the incident at Ribblehead, one of our vehicles came across a road traffic collision involving a motorcyclist. Team members provided initial first aid and called the Police and Ambulance Service. Once the ambulance servcie attended, team members handed over to them, and returned to base. Volunteer hours: 3 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 17/2016 – April 10th Sun. 13:46 – Runscar Cave, Ribblehead, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue

A young caver, (f,12) became physically stuck as she exited Runscar 4. The team were called after her group, despite numerous attempts, failed to extricate her. After team members arrived, they were able to manipulate the caver and effect her release, uninjured. Volunteer hours:17 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 16/2016 – April 3rd Sun. 15:07 – Malham Cove, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a visitor (m,66) suffering chest pains at the base of the cove. On arrival, the air ambulance and road crew were in attendance. Team members carried the casualty on a stretcher to the air ambulance, which then conveyed the casualty to the National Park car park, where team members again transferred the casualty to the road ambulance. Volunteer hours: 20 TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon