INCIDENT 10/2021 – Apr. 5th Mon. 15.13 – Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, Thornton in Lonsdale, North Yorkshire. – Mountain Incident

YAS called CRO following a report that a child (m, 8) had a leg injury and was on the ‘side of a cliff, waterfall at bottom, halfway up on rocky verge, stuck unable to get down, equivalent of 4 floors up’.  With other members on stand-by and a report that someone was trying to help, a controller went to assess the situation before calling local team members. He found that the child and the person who was helping, with a makeshift ‘lifeline’, had reached the top, so he led them down an easier way, leaving the child to receive attention from the YAS paramedics. Other members were stood down and the Land Rover was put back in the Depot.

Volunteer hours: 3