Incident 04/2016 – January 30th Sat 14. – Attermire Scar, Settle, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Just as the team arrived on scene at the previous incident, another call was received to a casualty (f, 19) with a lower leg injury. One of the responding vehicles was diverted to this second casualty, and further personnel were mobilised from the teams base at Clapham. The team were directed to the casualty by other members of her party. The team administered first aid, and then stretchered the casualty…

Incident 03/2016 – January 30th Sat 13.39 – Airton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f, 69), sustained a suspected fractured ankle whilst walking with a group in fields near the River Aire. CRO responded to the casualty’s location, and after carrying out first aid and splinting the injury, the casualty was stretchered to an ambulance at Town End Farm shop, Airton for transport to Airedale Hospital. Because a second call to another casualty was received as the team arrived at the scene,…

Incident 02/2016 – January 16th Sat 17.08 – Clapham – Settle area

A walker (m, 40) was reported overdue, five hours after setting off to walk the 7 miles along roads from Clapham Station to Settle, in light snow conditions. His family had done one sweep of the roads and CRO members had begun a second, when he turned up at his week-end accommodation, not far from Clapham Station. Volunteer Hours – 8 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 01/2016 – January 3rd Sun 13.02 – Lane near Scar End, Ingleton

A walker (m, 47) slipped on the track between Kingsdale and Twisleton Hall, sustaining a painful knee / upper leg injury. He was very cold and, after the leg was splinted and he was given pain relief, he was taken by CRO Land Rover to be handed over to YAS paramedics and transported to hospital in their road ambulance. Volunteer Hours – 7.5 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon