Incident 12/2017 – Mar 11th. Sat. 15.54 – White Scar Cave, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue.

A visitor (f, 79) tripped, while on a tour of the show cave, hitting her head, just above the left eye. A small team went in to assist the Yorkshire Ambulance Service paramedic who was first on scene. After initial treatment, the patient was able to walk to the cave entrance. Volunteer hours: 13 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Nov 27th Sun. 18.01 – Lancaster Hole, Easegill, Cumbria – Alert only.

A caver (m) was reported overdue by his wife, having been expected home before nightfall. Whilst enquiries were being made, and Cumbria Police were talking again to the caller, the caver returned home. Other than conducting initial inquiries, no other action was taken by the duty controller. Volunteer hours: 30 minutes TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 86/2016 – Oct. 22nd Sat. 19.24 – Wretched Rabbit, Easegill, Cumbria – Cave Rescue.

Cumbria Police contacted the team when a caver at Bull Pot Farm reported a caver (m,78) was apparently 2 hours over his due return time from a trip to Wretched Rabbit. The caller confirmed his car was still at Bull Pot. A vehicle and initial party of 6 team members were mobilised, whilst members of Red Rose Caving club went with the ‘grab bag’ (left for such incidents at Bull…