Incident 1/2018 – Jan. 8th Mon. 13.10 Moughton Scar, Crummackdale, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

The team’s first call of 2018 occurred when we were contacted by a local farmer, concerned for a sheep that had become stuck about 40 foot up a crag. A small team attended and met with the farmer, and then proceeded to extricate the sheep. The sheep was returned to it’s flock on the fell unharmed. Volunteer hours: 15

Incident 40/2017 – June 5th Mon. 17.29 – Calf Holes, Birkwith, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue

A farmer reported one of his sheep had fallen down the 20m pitch at the entrance to Calf Holes, and was concerned as water levels appeared to be rising due to the heavy rain. A small team attended to find the stream into the pot in flood. An inspection was made of accessible areas of the pitch, but no sign of the sheep could be found. In the interests of…

Incident 22/2017 – Apr. 19th Wed. 11.02 – Great Knott, Gordale, Malham, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue.

North Yorkshire Police passed on a message that two new-born lambs were stuck down a mine shaft, near Gordale House, Malham. CRO caving members were unable to descend very far into the awkward and narrowing natural rift in the limestone bedrock and were unable to see or hear anything. The lambs’ owners and CRO members concluded that the ewe had given birth on a grassy ledge above the fissure and that any new-born lamb(s)…

Incident 6/2017 – Jan 21st Sat. 10.15 – Scar Top, nr. Giggleswick, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue.

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to go to the aid of a sheep which had been crag fast for over 36 hours. The sheep was located on a narrow ledge approximately 10m above ground level. A team member descended by rope to the ledge from above, and the sheep was ‘encouraged’ to retrace its route up a narrow cleft to the field above. Volunteer hours: 4