Incident 72/2017 – Sep. 21st Thu. 14.36 – Colt Park, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Animal Rescue.

Following a search of mixed grassland and limestone pavement by farmers and local volunteers from Natural England, an in-calf, pedigree heifer was reported missing from a small herd near Colt Park, Ribblehead. A further search of woodland and mixed terrain by farmers and CRO members yielded no result, so the search area was widened with CRO’s first use of a drone-mounted video camera. As the search continued, one of the…

Incident 71/2017 – Sep. 12th Tue. 11.32 – White Scar Cave, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Cave Rescue.

A visitor (m,65) collapsed with chest pains, just over half-way along the show cave. After monitoring and treatment by paramedics from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and North West Air Ambulance, he was packaged by CRO members, then carried, by stretcher to the road ambulance outside. As CRO members stood down, the paramedics were checking him again, to determine which ambulance would take him to hospital. Volunteer hours: 17

Incident 70/2017 – Sep. 9th Sat. 19.48 – Simon Fell Breast, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A Three Peaks walker’s knees were reported to have ‘given way, on Ingleborough, 7 miles from Horton’. After some delay, while a more accurate location was identified, a small group of CRO members met the party (f, 37, 30, 40) and assisted them down to a team Land Rover. They were driven down to CRO Base, in Clapham, then collected by another member of their bigger sponsored walk group. Volunteer…

Incident 69/2017 – Sep. 9th Sat. 10.40 – Humphrey Bottom, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

A walker (f, 66) slipped, while descending the stone -pitched path from Ingleborough to Humphrey Bottom, falling and rolling about 30m. She sustained head, hand and leg injuries. After assessment, first aid and ‘packaging’, CRO members stretchered her about 100m to where an air ambulance could land. This flew her, initally, down to a road ambulance, but after re-assessment by paramedics, it flew her on to hospital. Volunteer hours: 60