ALERT Only – Nov 14th Sun. 11.20 – Below Attermire Scar, Settle, North Yorkshire – Alert No. 9 of 2021

A walker who found a fully-laden rucksac leaning against a wall corner below Attermire Scar, having shouted around over a period of about 20 minutes and hearing no response, asked for advice. Having then identified the owner as Dutch, he was advised to close up the sac and leave it. A while later, the duty controller asked a group of walkers who would be going past to let him know…

Incident 4/2018 – Feb. 4th Sun. 16.04 Attermire Scar, Settle, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f 60) fell and injured her shoulder on a footpath between Stockdale farm and Attermire Cave. Team members cared for and assisted the injured person down to the nearest road for transport to hospital. Volunteer hours: 30 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon