Alert only – July 8th Sun. 23.11hrs – 3 Peaks Walk, North Yorkshire – Alert only

A caller was concerned when two walkers didn’t return at the scheduled time from attempting the 3 Yorkshire Peaks walk. The last contact with the walkers said they were ‘lost’ and at least 2 hours from their car. Initial attempts to locate the walkers using the ‘Phonefind’ facility did not work, so a team member set off for Horton in Ribblesdale (the usual starting point for the 3 Peaks walk)…

Alert only – May 23rd Wed. 15.05 Cove Top, Malham, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Having dealt with incidents 25 and 26, whilst team members were sorting equipment in the visitor centre car park, the duty controller was approached by 2 walkers seeking advice. A friend had slipped and injured their ankle whilst walking on the cove top! Advice was given, and friends who had remained with the casualty started to walk them to the road. Team members proceeded up Cove Road to lend assistance…

Alert – May 8th Tue. 16.13 Gaping Gill area, Clapham, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Two 13-year old students (f) were reported missing from a school group between Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Cave. However, just as the duty controller was telephoning North Yorkshire Police’s Force Control Room for more information, they were reported to have been found.         Volunteer hours: Negligible.   TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Alert – Apr. 24th Tue. 17.08 Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Alert only

Members of a practice expedition group (3 m, 1 f; 16-18) reported themselves ‘lost at the summit of Ingleborough Hill’. Use of SARloc showed them to be on the path across Simon Fell Breast, which leads to Horton in Ribblesdale. They were persuaded to continue and were met, a few minutes later, by their supervisors, eventually reaching their camp-site, rather wet.         Volunteer hours: 1+.   TwitterPrintFacebookGoogle+emailLinkedinStumbleUpon