INCIDENT 78/2020 – Nov. 17th Tue. 16.24 – Southerscales Fell, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Incident

A walker (f, ) slipped on the steep (temporary diversion) path on the Chapel-le-Dale side of Ingleborough, sometime after 15.00 hrs. As neither the injured person nor her father could get a signal on their mobile phones, a passer-by called 999 and asked the police for mountain rescue. Unknown to the CRO duty controller, the call went to a neighbouring police force and was passed to NYP, who interpreted the Lat/Long co-ordinates and the description given as being in the Langcliffe to Malham Moor area. In a very confused situation, team members from the Settle area were heading in that direction when it was learned that there were errors in the phone numbers supplied and that the correct position was above Chapel-le-Dale. Once aware of the correct location, team members were able to reach the casualty, immobilise her leg and stretcher her to a team Land Rover at the road-head. She was driven to CRO Base at Clapham and transferred to the family car for the journey to her local hospital, on the way home.

Unsuitably-soled footwear.

Volunteer Hours: 57

Footnote: As the initial 999 call had gone via the mobile phone mast in Carnforth, Bowland Pennine MRT also received a call from the police, but with a dearth of information the team leader was unable to take any action. Eventually, he was able to speak to the casualty, but by then she was safely in the CRO vehicle and no action was required.                                                                                                                                                                     It is assumed that the original call went by ’emergency roaming’, which enables a 999 call to be made, but not returned.