INCIDENT 75/2019 – Aug 23rd. Fri. 11.05hrs – Ingleborough summit, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A DofE group, accompanied by supervisors, came across what appeared to be a deceased lone walker at the summit shelter on Ingleborough. Whilst a supervisor called for help and escorted the distressed youngsters down the hill, others erected a tent to protect the casualty pending the arrival of the team.

With low cloud and poor visibility, the air ambulance was unable to access the scene directly, so team members, accompanied by air paramedics and police officers, made their way to the summit on foot from Crina Bottom. On arrival the paramedics confirmed that the casualty was deceased. Whilst the above was underway, the DofE party was ferried by team vehicle from Crina Bottom down to Ingleton for collection by their own transport.

After the police had completed their inquiries on scene, team members stretchered the casualty down to Crina Bottom for transfer to a team vehicle and then on to Ingleton police station to handover to an undertaker. FATAL


Volunteer hours: 75