The Team were alerted by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) late in the evening in relation to two walkers (F, 22 and 27) who were overdue returning from a 3 Peaks walk. Unfortunately, their phones had run out of power after they had contacted the police, and we were unable to pinpoint their exact location, although they were known to be descending Ingleborough. A hasty search was made of the surrounding roads and villages, and the walkers’ car was located in Horton-in-Ribblesdale car park. Two team members set off from Horton on foot up towards Sulber Gate and Ingleborough in the hope of meeting the walkers on their descent. Whilst planning next steps, we were alerted by NYP that the walkers had turned up at a house in Clapham village, where they had wisely sought help. A Team member collected them and following a quick debrief they were returned to their car in Horton. The Team were stood down.

Volunteer hours:   14

The walkers on this occasion were generally well equipped, including having a power bank for their phone. Unfortunately this too ran out. If you use a phone all day, particularly for social media, photos etc ensure you have sufficient power back up to last. Alternatively, nominate one member of your party to keep their phone for emergencies. Remember, too, that cold weather will cause a battery to run out faster than you might think Рkeep your phone in an inside pocket.