INCIDENT 13/2021 – Apr. 18th Sun. 19.25 – Ingleborough, North Yorkshire. – Mountain Incident

A family walking the Three Peaks split up, unintentionally, when the parents were too slow for their son (15) coming off Whernside. They decided not to continue the walk and sent for a taxi, only becoming aware that their son was continuing when the taxi driver told them that someone of his description had asked the way to Ingleborough. Back in Horton in Ribblesdale, they keyed 999 and expressed their concern to NYP that he was not well equipped and might not find the way over and off Ingleborough to Horton. CRO 4 (the Honda Pioneer  4 x 4) took a small group of team members to search around the summit, then pairs of members followed different routes, looking for him. Another hill-walker told one searcher that he had directed a youth towards Horton from the summit. Eventually, the misper arrived in Horton about ten minutes ahead of the team member who was following the same route down.

All was well and team members were stood down

Volunteer hours: 33