INCIDENT 02/2019 – Jan. 17th. Thu. 20.25hrs – Moor Head Lane, Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A mountain biker (m, 60) hit a patch of ice while descending towards Helwith Bridge on an evening ride. He was catapulted from his cycle and dislocated a shoulder. Team members administered analgesics and immobilised the injury, before helping him into a team vehicle and driving him to meet a YAS road ambulance, down at the road-head. Paramedics administered further pain relief, then took him to Airedale General Hospital where the shoulder was X-rayed before being relocated.

Volunteer hours: 28

Postscript:  Our ‘patient’ later provided some feedback, which included 

‘Finally a big ‘thank you’ to everybody.  The casualty-care was first class and gave a lot of confidence.  I can’t fault anything.’

Perhaps more importantly for others who go out in cold weather, he also said ‘ .  .  .although my phone was at 75% when I set out, the cold had reduced that to 2% when I got it out of my bag and I didn’t think 2% would get me through to North Yorkshire Police etc..  It may be worth advising people to keep their phones warm  .  .  .