Pippikin Pot / Mistral Hole Feb. 6th 23.30 – Alert only

A group of cavers was reported overdue on a Pippikin – Mistral through trip. Other cavers wished to go look for them before there was a full call-out. Almost three hours later, they reported that contact had been made, that the party had been delayed when one of their number had difficulty in this notoriously tight pot, but that all were now safely on the way to the surface. Volunteer…

Incident 01/2016 – January 3rd Sun 13.02 – Lane near Scar End, Ingleton

A walker (m, 47) slipped on the track between Kingsdale and Twisleton Hall, sustaining a painful knee / upper leg injury. He was very cold and, after the leg was splinted and he was given pain relief, he was taken by CRO Land Rover to be handed over to YAS paramedics and transported to hospital in their road ambulance. Volunteer Hours – 7.5