Incident 9/2018 – Mar. 10th Sat. 12.51 Pecca Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A visitor (f, 71) was reported to have collapsed near Pecca Falls on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail and to be sitting by Tom’s Cabin (refreshment kiosk). When team members arrived, she was not there and passers-by, when asked, had not seen anyone fitting the given description. A team member ran down the path, finding that the ‘patient’ had recovered from her apparent faint and continued walking down towards the car…

Incident 2/2018 – Jan. 9th Wed. 12.45 Thornton Force, Nr. Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist a walker (f,26) who had fallen and sustained chest injuries whilst undertaking the Waterfalls Walk. Team members arrived on scene and after verifying that the casualty was able to walk with assistance, were able to escort the woman to a team vehicle where she was assessed by a YAS paramedic before transfer to hospital. Volunteer hours: 8 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 35/2017 – May 30th Tue. 15.48 – Snow Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

CRO were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help attend to a walker with an injured ankle on Ingleton waterfalls walk. Though the ambulance was quickly cancelled by the casualty, the first CRO member on scene was able to give assistance. Volunteer hours: 3 TwitterPrintFacebookemailLinkedinStumbleUpon

Incident 15/2017 – Apr. 2nd Sun. 17.45 – Baxenghyll Gorge, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue.

The team were requested by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist helimed 98 with the evacuation of a photographer (m) who had suffered a broken leg whilst on the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. Team members escorted the air paramedics to the casualty and assisted with preparing him for transfer to a road ambulance which arrived shortly after. The casualty was then carried by team members to the road ambulance. Volunteer hours: 21…