Incident 97/2016 – Dec. 26th Mon. 11.14 – Blind Beck, Barbon Low Fell, Cumbria – Mountain Rescue.

The team were called by Cumbria Police to a walker (f,62) with a reported broken leg, approximately 300m above the road in Barbondale. Team members arrived on scene just after the North West Air Ambulance which, due to high winds, was unable to land near the casualty, having instead to touch down near the road.

The air ambulance paramedics and team members climbed to the casualties location on the hillside, where the casualty was given pain relief and had her injury (a suspected dislocated knee) splinted, before being packaged in a team stretcher. She was then carried down to the air ambulance at Blind Beck bridge, and transferred to the air ambulance, for onward transportation to hospital. Volunteer hours:25