INCIDENT 84/2019 – Sep 28th. Sat. 20.46hrs – Swine Tail, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Three Three Peaks Walkers reported themselves lost, but uninjured, on Ingleborough.  In the dark, their one torch and two mobile phones had died and their third phone – the sole means of navigation – showed only 17% battery.  NYP were able to establish that this phone was near the foot of the Swine Tail. One team member set off from Newby Cote, to run up the hill, while three others took a team vehicle round to Nick Pot. The individual team member began to guide the ‘mispers’ onto and down the path for Horton in Ribblesdale and was met by the others, walking up with extra lights. One member of the party was extremely cold and struggling, but all three reached the team vehicle safely. A local member returned them to their accommodation near Horton and the team vehicle returned to CRO Base.

Volunteer hours: 17