INCIDENT 66/2019 – Aug 6th. Tue 00.28hrs – Giggleswick Scar, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

A walker (f18) was struggling to find her way down steep craggy ground off Giggleswick Scar. Whilst trying to descend she tripped, twisting her ankle and banging her chest on a rock. She was unable to bear weight on her foot and became benighted. Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) paramedics were called out first and had spotted her location from the glow of her mobile phone. They were unable to reach her because of the terrain and darkness. Using a safety rope, CRO team members were able to escort the patient to the top of the steep craggy ground and then carried her in a stretcher on a longer route over easier ground and down to the YAS ambulance.

Volunteer Hours: 22