INCIDENT 65/2019 – Aug 4th. Sun. 11.42hrs – Pecca Falls, Ingleton, North Yorkshire – Mountain Rescue

Whilst responding to incident number 64, CRO were called to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) with a second incident. A young boy walking round the waterfalls trail at Ingleton tripped whilst stepping over a large lump of protruding bedrock that formed the path surface. His mum described seeing him tumbling head over heels down a steep rocky bank. CRO team members found the boy at the foot of the steep slope next to the river and circa 8 metres below the path. After attention from YAS and Yorkshire Air Ambulance paramedics, CRO arranged for the boy to be packaged in a stretcher and hauled with ropes back up the slope and carried him onwards for rendezvous with an ambulance. Though there were no signs of major injury, due to the nature of his tumble the boy was taken to hospital for further observation.

Volunteer hours: 34